People live their lives carrying unique worries and concerns; concerns about their work, worries about money, conflicts in relationships, challenges with their own personalities. Our lives seem to be filled with stress at times.



In addition to concerns, some of us also wonder about our current situations and have doubts like…



“ Is the job I have is really what I am supposed to do in this life?”


“ I don’t feel like the life I have is not for my true-self”


It is often the cases that people who judge or are strict to them are those who are more diligent or have desires to follow their own principles. Because of their strong desires, they realize gaps between their reality and their ideal and become doubtful of where they are in life. 



If you have serious concerns, that in deed is the evidence that you have the desire to progress your life.



If you would like to reduce your stress or would like to reduce the gaps between the reality and your ideal, we would invite you to consider taking courses from [School of Mind]. We are confident that your answers will be found here within yourself with our support.





Even though we say ‘School’, we don’t “teach” new information or there is no need for you to “learn” anything particular. The only activity that happens at [School of Mind] courses is for students to discover their True-Self within them. We provide our students the Method and they find their True-Self yourself using it.



Then, what is your True-Self?  We call True-Self, Shinga 真我。真 symbolizes Truth and 我 symbolizes Oneself. Shinga is already in you at the deepest part of your Mind and that is the you from the origin and you that is love itself.


In addition, Shinga also has answers  for all of your  problems, concerns and worries.  Many of our students, if not all, have found answers in themselves by finding their Shinga and challenges they dissolve include relationship problems, mental disorders  or disease and some found their ways to make their dream come true and found what they were born to do**


In other words, there are 8 billion people on this earth, and there are 8 billion unique problems but there is only one way to solve all 8 billion problems, which is for everybody to discovery their own True-Self, Shinga. [School of Mind] has the method for you to discovery your own True-Self.





Let us take some time to share with you a part of the method.

The negative emotions that are worrying you or stressing you become enlarged when you try to resist them and you will be more impacted by those.  


The so called “positive thinking” allows you to manage the emotions on a temporary basis; however, they come back when you are not “trying” so hard.



The you that is not “trying” is the mind that is “already here” and that is the important part.



The mind that is “already here” is the [memories]. We grew up being influenced by environments and varying experience. All the influence and experience, including the “positive” and “negative” ones are all stored in the deeper part of our mind.



While the “positive” ones are ok, the “negative” ones create problems at times. On a daily basis, individuals are not even aware that those memories are still stored in them, because they are stored in their deeper parts of their minds. However when events that were similar to the past events that created the negative memories occur in their lives, those negative memories get triggered back to the surface as their emotions.



And because thinking and behaviors are made of those memories, not only those memories are difficult to erase but also prevent people from reaching the happiness. Even they strongly desire and make efforts to carry a happy life, those negative memories, varying by individual’s own experience, will overstate their desire and create reality that is negative.



“Shinga”, our True-Self is hidden from those who haven’t experienced it and Shinga is stored in even deeper part of the mind. The purpose of [School of Mind] is to guide you for you to discover your own Shinga.




[School of Mind] offers Diamond-Self Discovery Courses, also known as Shinga Development Courses.  If we use a metaphor, Diamond-Self Discovery courses show ways for students to dig the ground to discover magma from the earth and we do that method for two days. Imagine yourself digging into the ground.


You keep digging and digging and when you reach the last dig, it reaches to the space where magma is flowing and the magma shoots up to the ground with speed.


Finding your own Shinga  can be depicted like it. You keep digging and digging your mind and when you reach Shinga, you experience your True-Self, the love that you are. And Shinga erases not the memories themselves, but the negative, dark part of the memories at once. 



The you that is filled with Shinga is light itself. Your mind creates your speaking, behaviors and even your facial expressions and when they are from light, the luck will jump into you.  Students not only find ways to reduce stress, solve their relationship, money, work or other problems but also experience miraculous experience like cancers getting healed or a new job suddenly comes to them**



We hope this short session has explained you about [School of Mind] for you.



Unfortunately, we can only use words to describe our courses. While you could gain knowledge by using words, experiencing your True-Self is  very different from knowing something.  We invite you strongly for you to experience and to discover your True-Self by taking our two day Diamond-Self Discovery courses and open to your life without problems and stress.



** Results vary by students due to their memories and willingness to do the work.